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Thongsala has lots of accommodation. It is second only to Haad Rin in terms of capacity. There is plenty of choice for those looking for a cheap guest house or dorm bed. While the price conscious end of the market is well catered for, those looking for more of a hotel experience would best look beyond Thongsala. The hotels in Koh Phangan have set up at more beautiful beach locations rather than in the more 'urban' environment of Thongsala.

It is often the case that people opt to stay in Thongsala because they are only visiting the island briefly to do the Full Moon Party. Some people want to be close to their Muay Thai gym. Others like the choice and facilities of Thongsala and head off on their moped every day in search of a nice beach for the day.

Here are summaries of the accommodation options available for Thongsala.

Resorts with swimming pools: Baan Busaba Hotel.

Resorts with self-catering facilities: Baan Nai Wok Resort

Sucasa Dorm

Sucasa Dorm is located near the ferry piers. This is a hostel with a 16 bed mixed dorm. The dorm includes air-con, lockers and access to a hot water bathroom. For travelling groups there is a 4 bed dorm. For couples and those with a little more money there are 8 private rooms for rent. Read more.

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Big Boss Hostel

Big Boss is located on the seafront road that runs parallel to the sea. Big Boss Hostel has cheap dorm beds as well as private air-con rooms.

Big Boss Hostel doesn't have a bar or restuarant or even common room. However, they encourage Full Moon Party gatherings by pushing the tables together in the reception foyer. This is a hostel for sociable and party-minded people. Read More.

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Buakao Inn

Buakao Inn is located on the main road in Thongsala running from the pier down the centre of the town. The guesthouse is above the popular A's Coffee Shop. There is 1 cheap fan room and 4 more expensive air-con rooms for rent. Rooms have cable TV, hot water shower and safety deposit box. As well as the restaurant downstairs there is a small communal room wth a library ofr guest use. Free wifi is available. Read More.

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For You Guesthouse

For You Guesthouse consists of a few rooms above a bar. Most of the rooms are not en-suite; rather, they share 1 bathroom and toilet. The rooms are in good condition and this guesthouse gets good feedback from people who have stayed. The rooms are air-con. The bar and restaurant downstairs serves a selection of Western favourites. They also have the ocassional live band playing. Free wifi. Read More.

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Sucasa Guesthouse

Sucasa Guesthouse is in the centre of Thongsala on a road running off from the main drag. They have 8 air-con rooms with en-suite bathroom for rent. The rooms also have a fridge. There are tables and chairs in the corridor for guests to mingle, but yet again this is a 'Sucasa' experience that is about packing in budget travellers looking for a bed for the night. Read More.

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Phangan Centre Point Hotel

Phangan Centre Point Hotel has a few air-con rooms with hot water bathrooms above a small shopping cente in the cente of Thongsala, it is near plenty of places to eat and drink but is a quieter part of town, It is also possble to rent rooms on a monthy basis but you will need to organise this at the hotel. Read More.

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Baan Busaba Hotel

Baan Busaba Hotel is one of the best places to stay in Thongsala. It is located on the edge of the town and only 200 metres away from Nai Wok Beach. The hotel has comfortable and well maintained air-con rooms with cable TV, fridge and en-suite hot water bathroom. The hotel also features a restaurant and a swimming pool. There is also free wifi. This is one of the few Thnogsala accommodation options with a guest use swimming pool. Read More.

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Baan Nai Wok Resort

Baan Nai Wok Resort has a collection of 11 well made bungalows on the road to Nai Wok. It is in walking distance of Thongsala but is ina peaceful rural area. The bungalows have air-con, fridge, hot water shower and boast a small kitchenette with sink and microwave oven. This resort is in Thongsala and not far from Nai Wok. Read More.

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Phangan Guesthouse

Phangan Guesthouse has 20 rooms in an accommodation block. The rooms are comfortable and have air-con, en-suite hot water bathroom, fridge and flatscreen TV. Several of the rooms have a balcony. There is also a shaded sitting area behind the main facade. This is a good place for a short term stay but not really great value for money. Read More.

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