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West Koh Phangan Yoga and Therapy

There has never been so much choice and diversity in Koh Phangan before. There are so many great yoga centres, massage shops and other New Age treatments to try. The West coast of Koh Phangan abounds with expertise when it comes to asana, breathing techniques, qi gong, dance therapy, chakra balancing and so much more.

The only caveat is that this New Age / Self-Awakening / Transformation scene has become an integral part of the local economy. It seems every week the island sees a new charismatic Westerner arrive straight from India with awesome powers and an empty wallet. It is best to do your research, ask around and opt for introductory classes before committing a big chunk of money to your spiritual development. Many places charge over $1,000 for their courses. Below are brief descriptions of the various centres and massage houses broken down by beach.


Pure Relax - Thongsala

Pure Relax is a massage house in Thongsala with excellent reviews. As well as Thai massage there is aromatic massage, Swedish massage, seaweed body mask and oil massage. They also do packages such a 'tropical package' and 'detox package'. The prices are a little bit on the steep side. A massage can cost 900 Baht and a morning of treatments can be 3,000 Baht.

The facilities are good at Pure Relax. They have treatment rooms, suana and showers.

Kanda Massage - Thongsala

Kanda Massage is in the centre of Thongsala. They have a good selection of massages as well as scrubs, pedicures, manicures and waxes. They also have an 8 bed dorm upstairs. Kanda is open 8am to 11pm. Website:

Chakra Natural Therapies for Health - Thongsala

Chakra Natural Therapies for Health has detox yoga, Hatha yoga for beginners and therapy yoga. The school is located in Thongsala. They also have teacher training courses in different aspects of massage. Another place with a free wix website.

The Body Health and Fitness Centre - Thongsala

Small gym in Thongsala. Has air-con, European machines and dumbbells. They offer multiple day passes.

Island Beauty Spa - Thongsala

Island Beauty Spa is a small beauty shop in Thongsala. They do beauty treatments, massages, waxes and cedar barrel saunas.

Ple's Massage - Thongsala

Another new place in Thongsala that dpes massage.

Kamala Healing Centre - Thongsala

New place in Thongsala. Ella offers reiki, theta healing, hot stone fusion, reflexology, chakra balancing and more. Time will tell whether she gets off th bottom of the list.


Orion Healing - Srithanu

Orion Healing is located at the southern corner of Srithanu Bay. For several years Orion has been running popular yoga and reiki sessions. You can either drop in for a session or sign up for a program.

They have accommodation theoretically open to all, but mostly used by those on a program that usually includes yoga, detox through a carefully controlled diet and colonic irrigation. They focus on the power of yoga combined with liver flushes, Thai massage, happiness councilling and reiki.

There are also weight loss programs available. The accommodation ranges from backpacjker dormitory to luxury bungalows.

Read more about Orion Healing

Revive Massage - Srithanu

Revive Massage is a small massage shop in Srithanu. The massueses are Wat Pho Thai massage experts that use massage to improve health. They provide medical massages that 'revive'. To quote from their website:

The benefits of Thai Massage are simply innumerable, and include improved flexibility, relief from anxiety and emotional tension, detoxification, boosting the immune system, increased blood circulation, lower blood pressure, improved breathing, posture, balance, corrected body alignment, dissolving energy blockages, relieving arthritis and back pain, toning the body, strengthening joints and can even relieve chronic joint pain. Thai massage actually slows the aging process.

The shop is open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm.

EYO Massage - Srithanu

This is a small massage house in Srithanu. They opened in 2015. Open 9am to 11pm. They do healing Thai massage.

Gaia Yogashala - Srithanu

New yoga centre n the beach in Srithanu. They have 2 yoga halls and do drop in yoga clases as well as meditation, brathwork, massage and dance. They also run yoga teacher training courses. Yoga practised includes ailment yoga, vinyasa and ashtanga yoga. Website:

Samma Karuna - Srithanu

This is a yoga / detox place that describes itself as an International School of Awakening. They offer yoga, qi gong, life coaching and therapy dance. They also do yoga teacher training and bio development teacher training. They offer packages that include accommodation. This yoga place appears to affiliation with Osho - a character that divides opinion. Website:

Papaya Massage - Srithanu

New place near Laemson Lake. They do Thai massage and steam sauna.

The Scoliosis Rehabilitation Center Simba-Do - Srithanu

Simba is regarded as a master of chiropratic massage. He has developed his own techniques for dealing with scoliosis or curavature of the spine.

Read more about Massage by Simba

Mannu Yoga - Srithanu

Yet another yoga place in Srithanu. It's so new that at the time of writing it had no Tripadvisor reviews and yet wasn't bottom of the list! That's good karma for you! Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Mannu divides his time between his students in Koh Phangan and his guru in Mysore, India.

Hin Kong

Ananda Wellness Resort - Hin Kong

Ananda Wellness Resort focuses on detox programs and yoga classes. This well-run resort has been helping people find balance and relief from physical and mental ailments since its doors opened in 2007.

The resort facilities include a large yoga hall, herbal sauna anmd chlorine free pool. In house accommodation ranges from cheap fan rooms to A/C bungalows. There is a 30% discount for those staying who enroll on a detox program.

There are also drop in yoga classes running every day. Those needing revitalisation can do 11 day detox programs that include detox juices, colemas, yoga, herbal sauna, coconut water and fresh carrot juice.

Read more about Ananda Wellness Centre

Chantima Holistic Massage - Hin Kong

Chantima Holistic Massage is located near the beach in Hin Kong. This is a new massage house with only a few reviews on Tripadvisor. Chantima speaks good English and provides excellent massages. She also conducts massage teacher training programs. Website:

Haad Chao Phao

Sunny Yoga - Haad Chao Phao

Sunny Yoga open in 2015 at the southern end of Haad Chao Phao beach. It is a sweet location. The yoga hall is an open structure incorporating granite stones and beach views. Sunny has rave reviews for his yoga lessons. This a friendly and small yoga centre conveniently located near the beach. They have daily drop-in yoga classes every morning at 10am. Website:

Paragon Spa - Haad Chao Phao

Located at the southern end of Haad Chao Phao and close to Srithanu, the Paragon Spa is attached to Paragon Spa Resort. They offer maaage, beauty treatments, waxing and herbal sauna.

Blue Ocean Garden Spa and Massage - Haad Chao Phao

Blue Ocean Garden Spa and Massage is the spa attached to Coral Beach Resort. They offer various massages and beauty treatments as well as yoga lessons.



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