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Hin Kong

About Hin Kong

Hin Kong covers the top half of the bay that it shares with Wok Tum to the south and part of the headland that it shares with Srithanu to the north.

There is a coastal road that puns parallel (and often very close) to the beach. There is also an inland road running north-south called Wangtakiean Road.

People often consider the northern part of Hin Kong to be an extrnsion of Srithanu as it feels very much like an extension of Srithanu with its collection top quality bars and restaurants and low-key but friendly places to stay.

Hin Kong Beach

We mention immediately that for those looking for a traditional beach holiday might not want to stay in Hin Kong. The beach is not a popular place for swimming. It is narrow at points and the the road close. However, it is the coral reef that is 300 meters out that creates a large tidal variation. It is only during the higher tidal months between April and November when people can swim in deep water before the coral reef.

What is notable about the 2km beach of Ao Hin Kong is that it has mangroves. There are only a couple of other places on the island where you can find mangroves and such pristine environment for a number of indigenous flora and fauna.

The beach is mostly deserted other than a scattering of beach restaurants. The resorts in this area mostly have swimming pools. If you really want to swim in the sea the best beach part is in the north corner of Hin Kong near the headland that juts out.

There is a sign warning visitors to respect the beach and not remove seashells and corals.

In the evening there is a wonderful sunset with views out over Ang Thong Marine Park.

Hin Kong Accommodation

Hin Kong has accommodation along the coast as well as scattered along the headland that Hin Kong shares with Srithanu. Some of the accommodation is more suited for those with their own transport (usually a moped) such as Tembusa Villa, Gecko Beach Villas, Lipstick Cabana, Pause Phangan Resort since these places don't have a restaurant.

You can find a full list of Hin Kong accommodation here. Prices range from 520 Thai Baht for a fan bungalow on the beach to over $1,000 a night for a private 4 bedroom villa.

Hin Kong used to attract mostly long term Koh Phangan visitors but has found a new lease of lfe catering for the burgeoning detox / yoga / New Age scene springing up around Srithanu.

The Jam

The Jam is a beachfront bar in Hin Kong that has been running popular live music events for several years in Koh Phangan. The bar is just after the bridge. On jam nights it is full of people with lots of motorbikes outside.

Every Saturday at 6pm there is a sunset BBQ. After that the famous open-mic night begins. There is a stage and plenty of equipment. All you need is a bit of musical talent and a bit of bravery to stand up and perform. Musicians from all over the world regularly join the ex-pat locals and crank out the covers. It is a great atmosphere and ocassionally you get to hear some really good music. No dull German minimal techno here!

Kite-Boarding and Mountain Biking

From November to March the weather conditions are ideal in Hin Kong for kite boarding. For those not familiar with the ever more popular sport, this is when you strap your feet to a board and use a kite to drag you across the water. Check out the video to the right. There is an excellent kite boarding school in Bantai on the south coast for those interested in pursuing this sport.

As you can see from the Youtube video on the right, there are mountain biking trails in the Hin Kong area. You can ask around the village for mountain bike hire and possible routes or check out the Fun Bike Shop in Thongsala.

Yoga, Detox, Wellness

Hin Kong is the location of the famous Ananda Wellness Centre. It is a well-established centre that has been running for many years. They offer yoga ourses, detox programs, spa facilities, health foods, spiritual guidance and much more. The centre is at a pleasant beachfront location. For more see the Ananda Wellness Resort page.



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