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For many people visiting the south coast of Koh Phangan they will not notice where Srithanu ends and Hin Kong begins. The headland to the south and the beach below it is usually designated as Hin Kong. The Wangtakiean Road joins Hin Kong to Srithanu. This road has plenty of good bars, restaurants and shops to check out.

Hin Kong has a long stretch of beach in Koh Phangan's biggest bay. The boundary with Wok Tum below is a river.

The accommodation at Hin Kong is spread out along the bay as well as on the headland that Hin Kong shares with Srithanu.

There is a good range of places to stay in Hin Kong. They range from basic fan bungalows on the beach at Alcove Bungalow at one end of the scale to a luxury private villa (Tembusa Villa) at the other end of the scale. You can pay as little as $15 a night or over $1,000 a night depending on the level of comfort you require.

For those interested in self-catering, resorts that have bungalows with kitchens are gecko beach villas, Pause Phangan Resort, Baan Thamarchat and Tembusa Villa. Only Tembusa Villa and Baan Thamarchat have a stove and any real kitchen equipment. The rest have kitchenettes which is hotel speak for a microwave oven, sink and fridge. Those keen on self-catering can pick up a cheap electric hot plate and pots and pans at Tesco Lotus in Koh Samui, if not in Thongsala.

Below are summaries of the places to stay in Hin Kong. You can follow the links to read more or book.

Nantakarn Bungalows

Nantakarn Bungalows is on a quiet spot on the beach in Hin Kong. This is a family run business with a collection of basic fan and cold water shower bungalows. The resort has a restaurant on the beach. For exprienced Koh Phangan visitors who just want a basic bungalow on the beach this resort is hard to better. Read more.

book Nantakarn Bungalows

Alcove Bungalow

Alcove Bistrot, the French restaurant might be more recognisable as a business to many Koh Phanganers, but the French ladies also have a few bungalows near the beach that they rent out. These are well built and furnished bungalows with air-con, hot water and TV as well as free wifi.

Alcove Bungalows also has a family villa with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and living room. Those looking for value should check out the seaview room that starts at 520 Thai Baht a night. Read More.

book Alcove Bungalow

Hinkong Resort

Hinkong Resort offers a wide range of accommodation from cheap fan bungalows to hotel-style rooms to air-con bungalows. Prices start at 630 Thai Baht and go up to 3,000 Thai Baht a night. For families there are a couple of triple bed air-con bungalows for rent.

The resort has a good pool next to the beach as well as a restaurant. While some reviews praise the friendly staff the poor overall Agoda and Tripadvisor scores tell another story. Read More.

book Hinkong Resort

Gecko Beach Villas

Gecko Beach Villas consists of 3 villas on Hin Kong beach. This place opened in 2015 and so the villas are still in good condition. Each villa has 1 bedroom, living area and kitchen. There is also a large beachfront veranda.

The owner lives nearby. The villas are regularly cleaned. The villas have air-con, hot water, TV and free wifi. Read More.

book Gecko Beach Villas

Seaview 'n' Beach Resort

Seaview 'n' Beach Resort (previously known as Lipstick Cabana) is a beachfront resort in Hin Kong. They have both cheaper fan bungalows as well as more comfortable air-con bungalows. The accommodation is good quality and the staff are friendly and helpful. However, this resort has no restaurant. Free wifi is available in the rooms. Read More.

book Seaview'n'Beach Resort

Pause Phangan Resort

The unusual name refers to the pause symbol used in their branding. The resort is a collection of smart, very grey, air-con bungalows with kitchenette. The bungalows are well made and comfortable. The resort is quite far from the beaches of Hin Kong and closer to the main drag in Srithanu.

Pause Phangan Resort doesn't have a restaurant. Bungalows have free wifi. The resort will organise transfers and provide a laundry service. Read More.

book Pause Phangan Resort

Baan Thamarchat

Baan Thamarchat is a unique private villa for rent just a short distance from the beach at Hin Kong. The villa has a pool that goes into the living area. There are 2 master bedrooms downstairs and 2 bedrooms in the mezzanine upstairs area. The villa has air-con, hot water, fully equipped kitchen, living area and private pool.

The villa enjoys free wifi and is regularly cleaned. Guests have the option of ordering in delivery food or getting a private chef for the night. Baan Thamarchat is one of the best accommodation options in Hin Kong for groups as it can accommodate 8 people. Read More.

book Baan Thamarchat

Tembusa Villa

Tembusa Villa is the most luxurious villa for rent in Hin Kong. It is a new, modern villa featuring 4 bedrooms, extensive living area, pool, kitchen and gym. The villa has air-con as well as satellite TV.

Tembusa Villa is a short walk from the beach and the rooms as well as private pool enjoy seaviews. There is maid service, free wifi and laundry service. Let's hope the owner in the future arranges the personal chef option enjoyed by guests at Baan Thamarchat. Read More.

book Tembusa Villa



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