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Wok Tum is one of the quietest beaches in Koh Phangan. Until recently, few people stayed on Wok Tum Beach. The situation is slowly changing. The resorts in Wok Tum are 2 or 3 star and offer various amounts of space. Tharathip Resort, Golden Hill Resort and Cyana Beach Resort are all close to the beach whereas The Shore Resort and Song Phi Nong Resort are inland. The Shore Resort went from 3 stars to 4 stars in 2016.

When choosing a resort in Wok Tum it should be remembered that there is a coral reef 300 meters out to sea in the large bay that comprises both Hin Kong and Wok Tum. This makes swimming difficult outside the higher tidal months (November to April). For this reason you might want to find a resort with a swimming pool. Click on the links to the right to find out more about the accommodation options in Wok Tum or read below.

Tharathip Resort Koh Phangan

Tharathip Resort Koh Phangan is located at the corner of the bay where it starts to go out to form a headland. This is an excellent spot for swimming as it is closer to the coral reefs and the sea gets deper quicker.

Tharathip Resort is medium sized. It has spacious bungalows and hotel-style rooms with air-con, TV and hot water. The resort features 2 swimming pools, a large restaurant and a bar. There is also a pool table for guest entertainment. Read More.

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Golden Hill Resort

Golden Hill Resort is located on the headland just below Wok Tum Beach. It is on elevated land so many of the rooms at Golden Hill Resort enjoy awesome ocean views. The resort has 36 rooms and bungalows that feature air-con, TV, hot water and free wifi. The resort has a communal swimming pool as well as a restaurant serving food and drink all day. Read More.

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Cyana Beach Resort

Cyana Beach Resort is tucked in at the bottom of Wok Tum Beach where the swimming is at its best and the sand is white and fine. The pleasant beachfront resort has well-made and luxurious hardwood bungalows set in a garden. They feature air-con, hot water showers, TV and free wifi. There is also a pool, a restaurant and the possiblity of diving lessons. Read More.

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Song Phi Nong Resort

Song Phi Nong is a series of spacious, new bungalows built in the jungle near Wat Phu Khao Noi on the main road to Thongsala. There is a choice of 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom bungalows for rent. They all have air-con, hot water, TV and free wifi.

Song Phi Nong also offers a restaurant and bar, taxi service, laundry service, bicycle rental and car hire. This is a 3 star resort. We put this option in the luxury section because of the spanking new bungalows. Read More.

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