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La Plage Restaurant at Kupu Kupu




Amstardam Bar - sunset and reggae bar on a hill

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Trip Advisor Ratings

  • Amsterdam Bar - #30 out of 293 restaurants
  • Top Rock Bar - #59 out of 293 restauranrs
  • La Plage Restaurant - #131 out of 293 restaurants
  • Blue Chilli Koh Phangan - closed

    La Plage Restaurant

    La Plage Restaurant at Kupu Kupu Resort

    Sea Sunset Resort

    Sea Sunset Resort

    Amstardam Bar

    Chocolate Bar

    Chocolate Bar at Sea Sunset Resort

    Blue Chilli

    Blue Chilli Koh Phangan

Plaay Laem Bars and Restaurants




Plaay Laem is a small beach with only a small collection of bars and restaurants at which to eat and drink. All the resorts in the area have restaurants where guests can enjoy Thai and Western food as well as breakfast items. Those looking for more choice usually head north to all the organic/whole food restaurants in Srithanu or to the wealth of eating and drinking options to the south in Thongsala.




La Plage Restaurant


La Plage Restaurant belongs to the 5 star Kupu Kupu Beach Villas and Spa. The seating is mostly outside and around the beachfront communal pool. As you would imagine for a restaurant at a 5 star hotel, the service is excellent and the prices are considerably more than elsewhere on the beach.


The menu at La Plage is composed mostly of Thai dishes. The emphasis is on fresh local ingredients, especially seafood.


The restaurant also offers a menu of 7 different dining experiences. They are:


  • Sunset on the Rocks - watching sunset with sparkling wine and canapes
  • Evening glory - table in the centre of the pool with extra touches
  • Private Gazebo - floating gazebo dining
  • Sail into Sunset - sunset cruise on Kupu Explorer with butler providing sparkling wine and canapes
  • Tae Island - have a picnic on the deserted nearby island of Koh Tae Nai
  • Beach Romance BBQ - dine in bamboo cabana with private waiter on the beach. The moon, the stars and 300 candles provide the illumination
  • Dining Under the Stars - Al fresco dining at the secret cliff edge suite in the resort.


Sea Scene Resort


Sea Scene Resort has a beachfront restaurant built in the typical Thai style with open walls. The food is mostly standard Thai dishes with chicken, pork, seafood or tofu. The food is tasty and good value for money. There is a set breakfast available for 200 Thai Baht.


Sea Sunset Resort


Sea Sunset Resort has a beachfront restaurant that caters for the backpackers staying at the resort. It is also open to visitors staying elsewhere. This is a family run resort and the restaurant that does good home cooked Thai food as well as Western standards such as burgers and sandwiches. The prices are reasonable. The restaurant gets better reviews than the accommodation at Sea Sunset Resort.


Blue Chilli Koh Phangan


This is a small and laid back little restaurant on the road north to Wok Tum, near the junction for Sea Scene Resort. It is within walking distance of all the resorts in Plaay Laem. They cook a range of traditional Thai and Western dishes fresh and to order. The prices are reasonable and the reviews since the opening in 2014 have been favourable.


At present Blue Chilli Koh Phangan is closed.




Chocolate Beach Bar


Chocolate Beach Bar at Sea Sunset Resort is made from hardwood that is a rich chocolate colour. Hence the name of the bar. This is a pleasant bar on the beach. It is a nice spot for a few drinks in the evening. They have bottled beers, spirits, juices and shakes. The prices are much cheaper than at the 5 star resort on the beach.


Amstardam Bar


Amstardam Bar appears to be a play on words - a combination of star and 'Amsterdam'. The hillside location of this famous bar is great for viewing the sunset and then later on the stars. They have a large terrace area over a giant stone. There is normally a party atmosphere at sunset time: reggae music plays and people come to witness the miracle of the sun setting over the ocean.


If you turn up at other times the bar is far less crowded and there is a good chance that you will see the connection with Amsterdam.


For the tipplers there is a wide range of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks available at the bar. The only drawback to this bar is the hard walk up the hill to get there. The walk back to the beach is much easier.


Top Rock Bar


Just south of Amstardam Bar is the Top Rock Bar. It is very much similar to Amsterdam - it has sunset viewings, cool tunes and food and drink. Top Rock Bar is somewhat less discovered and more 'underground' than the Amstardam, and for this some prefer it.



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