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Wok Tum

About Wok Tum

Wok Tum shares the same bay as Hin Kong. It is the biggest bay in Koh Phangan and home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Thanks to the coral reef 300 meters off shore and the big tidal difference tourists have mostly ignored this part of the island until recently.

Over the last 5 or so years a few resorts have sprung up in Wok Tum and Hin Kong. The beaches are divided by a river that flows out to the sea. Wok Tum occupies the southern part of the bay. Most of the resorts in Wok Tum are located in the southern corner of the bay or on the peninsula that connects to the next beach of Plaay Laem

Wok Tum Beach

Wok Tum Beach occupies the southern third of the large bay it is in. The boundary between Wok Tum and the next beach north is a small river that flows out into the bay.

The best part of Wok Tum Beach is the southern corner and around onto the headland. This is where most of the Wok Tum Resorts are located. Here you will find fine white sand and a wide beach - one that gets very wide as the tide goes out to its farthest point.

As with much of the west coast of Koh Phangan, Wok Tum is not great for swimming. This is because there is a coral reef 300 meters out to the sea. This keeps the sea shallow except for during the higher tidal months from November to April. It is not therefore surprising that most of the places to stay in Wok Tum have swimming pools.

There is a low density of businesses and people on Wok Tum beach and as a consequence some people prefer Wok Tum to places with better swimming on other parts of the island.

Wok Tum Accommodation

There are some lovely places to stay in Wok Tum. Resorts like Cyana Beach Resort and Golden Hill Resort get rave reviews. The Shore Resort and Song Phi Nong are both located some distance from the beach; however, they provide taxi services and some great amenities to keep guests occupied. To find out more about Wok Tum accommodation click here.

Bars and Restaurants

There are a few bars and restaurants scattered along the beach as well as on the headland at the southern end of the bay. The selection of restaurants especially those specialising in whole foods, vegan food, raw food and organic food is poor compared to Srithanu.

All the resorts on the beach have a restaurant. They all offer similar Thai and Western menus. Some are slightly cheaper than others. Perhaps the best independent restaurant in Wok Tum is Patty's Place. For years Koh Phangan first timers and regulars have been enjoying the delicious and authentic Thai cuisine served at Patty's.

Similarly, tourists have been keen to sample the delights of tea at 4.20 at One Love Bar. Virtually every beach in Koh Phangan has a reggae bar - Wok Tum's just happens to be one of the best! To find out more about bars and restaurants in Wok Tum click here.

Things to Do in Wok Tum

There are a few intersting places to visit in Wok Tum. There is the temple called Wat Ampawan. It is a pleasant temple in a peaceful and well kept jungle location. It is located on the road leading from Wok Tum to the hospital. The temple has its own website in Thai. Opposite the hospital is a turning to the right where another temple, Wat Phu Khao Noi is located. It is the oldest temple on Koh Phangan and believed to be the first permanent settlement on the island. The temple is on a hill with a great view of Ang Thong Marine Park. The temple has 6 chedi surrounding a central tower.

Both temples are good places to visit if you are intertested in Thai buddhism. The spiritual vibe found in the south west of Koh Phangan makes these wats more relevant to visitors.

The roads around the peninsula offer some good walking opportunities. There is also the possibility of hiking up the beach into Hin Kong and exploring farther afield. It is also possible to take dive courses and fun dives. Cyana Beach Resort organises PADI dive instructors to teach guests.

Snorkelling isn't really a possibility in Wok Tum as the corals are 300 meters out to sea - beyond what most people want to swim outwards.

For those concerned about animal welfare Wok Tum is the home of Phangan Animal Care. For many years now they have been caring for stray cats and dogs on the island by relying entirely on charitable donations. They are always on the look out for volunteers.



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