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Nai Wok

About Nai Wok

Nai Wok is a narrow beach that joins Thongsala, the main port town of the island. You can walk from nearly any resort in Nai Wok to Thongsala in under 15 minutes. One of the big advantages of Nai Wok is its proximity to the facilities and amenities of Thongsala. People enjoy being able to get off a boat and get to their resort in just a few minutes. Also Thongsala has the best choice of shops, bars and restaurants on the island.

For those on a tight budget Nai Wok makes sense because it is easy to access places like the nightmarket and Tesco Lotus in Thongsala

Nai Wok Beach

Nai Wok is the bay closest to Thongsala. It is a beach that is about 500 metres along. At the southern end is one of the piers at Thongsala. The beach in the middle is sandy but fairly narrow. Further north rocks dominate the coast line.

Despite its proximity to the main port town of Thongsala, Nai Wok is one of the better beaches on the south west coast of Koh Phangan. This is because the coral reef is only 80 meters off the coast (other beaches the coral reef is as far as 300 metres off the coast). This means snorkelling is possible at Nai Wok. Swimming is better during the higher tidal months between November and April.

Water Sports

SL2KAdventure is a company that specialises in watersports. It is located at Baan Manali Resort at the southern end of Nai Wok beach.

SL2KAdventure offers wind surfing. The best times are June and November when the wind changes. At other times the wind can be a bit hit and miss. The water is shallow and flat due to the corals off-shore. More experienced wind surfers can get beyond the corals.

The same company also offers SUP - stand up paddle boarding - this is when you stand on a large board and use a paddle to propel yourself through the water.

Muay Thai

On the main road leading from Nai Wok to Thongsala ther are 2 well-established Muay Thai gyms. They are Diamond Muay Thai and Muay Thai Chinnarach. Both these places have professional Muay Thai teachers that take on all levels from beginner to advanced. They do regular Muay Thai training and gym work. Joining a Muay Thai gym is a great way to learn about Thai culture and it is a great way to get a decent workout.

Those who do well in training, and who feel brave enough can enter fight nights in Thongsala where the crowds go wild and applaud a good fight and a good fighter. Use the links in the left hand column to find out more. Both these places offer training camps that include accommodation.

Islands Off Coast

The nearest island you can see from Nai Wok is Koh Tae Nai. It has a port and a few old bungalows. Currently no resorts are on the island. It is up for sale. A 30 year lease is offered for $17 million.

Behind Koh Tae Nai is Koh Tae Nok. It has 3 beaches and is a diving spot. Again the island is deserted.

In the far distance and to the south is Koh Samui. The sunsets in Nai Wok are impressive because the beach is west facing and the islands in the distance add to the beauty of the natural phenomeneon.

Nai Wok Accommodation

Nai Wok is a pleasant looking beach right next to Thongsala. For being next to a major ferry pier the beach and sea are surprisingly clean. There is a strong demand for beach accommodation near to the transport hub of Thongsala. Nai Wok meets this demand with a variety of resorts. Prices for accommodation range from 250 Thai Baht a night at Bluerama Resort to 9,000 Thai Baht to rent the 4 star The Villa Hacienda. Most of the resots are on the beachfront at Nai Wok but a couple are inland such as Bluerama Resort.

Those interested in Thai architecture should check out Grand Sea Beach Resort. It is a fine example of lanna style architecture with steep sloping roofs, heavy use of teak wood and intricate carved features. This is the biggest resort in Nai Wok and has 2 pools. To find out more about Nai Wok Accommodation click here or use the link in the right hand column

Bars and Restaurants

There are only a few bars and restaurants in Nai Wok. This is because all the shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs of Thongsala are just a mile down the road. The stand out drinking spot in Nai Wok is the Mason's Arms, a traditional English boozer. Other notable places are Beck's Beach Bar and Kokomo's Kitchen at Baan Manali Resort. Read more about bars and restaurants in Nai Wok.

Meditation / Yoga /Detox

Monte Vista Retreat Centre has been taken over and re-branded as Yoga Veda Institute. It is located in the hills behind Nai Wok beach. The institute combines yoga and Ayurvedic medicine 'for a complete approach to self-healing'. They also have training courses. One is 'pay what you can' for 200 hour course. This might be of interest to those with little money but who are keen to get yoga qualifications.



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