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Below are each devoted to one beach location in Koh Phangan. These guides are comprehensive and while we cannot vouch for their veracity we do note that they are regularly updated and are by far the best for each beach holiday destination.

Haad Yao Guide - Haad Yao is the long beach. Over 1 mile of soft white sand. Haad Yao is the right combination of development, hippy chic, New Age spiritualism and rasta madness.

Haad Salad Guide - Haad Salad is the old pirate hangout for Koh Phangan. Now a wonderful and chilled beach in the north west.

Haad Rin Guide - The party peninsula of Haad Rin holds gorgeous beaches, lots of facilities, plenty of places to stay and is home to the world-famous Full Moon Party. Love it or hate it, it is hard to ignore.

Baan Tai Guide - Baan Tai is the home to several parties including the Half Moon Party and Jungle Experience. Baan Tai has a long beach and lots of great clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants as well as a great range of accommodation.

Mae Haad Guide - despite being the beach with the only national marine park next to it, Mae Haad remains mostly underdevelped and relatively unknown. This is the place to head for serious beach buffs.

Bottle Beach (Haad Khuat) Guide - Bottle Beach used to the stuff of legends. It might have lost its isolated staus but it is still one of the best beaches in koh Phangan and well worth seeking out for ultimate relaxation

Thong Nai Pan Magazine - one of the first beach guides for Koh Phangan, and still the best. This is the encyclopedia for all things Thnog Nai Pan

Koh Phangan Sites

Koh Phangan Airport - Construction started in the early 2000s and stopped in 2015. Find out the current state of affairs with Koh Phangan's first attempt at commercial aviation.

The Best of Koh Phangan - reviews about lots of different bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, hostels and beaches. Not to mentions hotels, activities and spas. Did we mention shopping? Or diving? You will find it all here.

Bangkok Resources

Area Guides

Silom and Patpong Guide - Silom is the financial heart of Bangkok. It is also a modern part of the vibrant city and a great place to stay. Next door is the infamous Patpong area with its shows and gay bars.

Sukhumvit Guide - Sukhumvit has luxury hotels, museums, galleries, lifestyle shopping malls, foreign enclaves, a red light district and much much more to discover. Read more about this fascinating part of Bangkok

Themed Guides

Bangkok Boutique Hotels - browse a collection of especially chosen boutique hotels that deliver that something extra and make your stay in Bangkok just that little bit more magical.

Bangkok for Kids - don't know what to do with the children in Bangkok? Check out this website that details dozens of exciting things to do in Bangkok for kids and also lists child-friendly hotels.

Thailand Resources


Khao Lak Accommodation - Khao Lak has miles of miles of golden sand beaches with excellent value resorts; it has the best diving resources in Thailand; it has national parks and it is the stging post to explore less visited islands.

Koh Tao Accommodation - Smaller than Koh Phangan, less developed, a great party scene, an even better diving scene: Koh Tao remains a perennial favourite with visitors to Thailand



More Koh Phangan Beach Guides

Thong Nai Pan
Haad Yao
Haad Salad
Mae Haad
guide to Thong Nai Pan area
guide to Haad Yao
guide to Haad Salad
guide to Mae Haad and Koh Ma
Thong Nai Pan is famous for its stunning white sand beaches and luxury hotels.
Haad Yao is considered to have a 'perfect beach' as well as several great places to stay.
Haad Salad is an old pirate hangout that now caters for discerning beach lovers.
Mae Haad is a hidden gem that offers 3 beaches, snorkelling and stunning natural scenery.


Haad Rin
Bottle Beach
Baan Tai
guide to Haad Rin area
guide to Bottle Beach
guide to Baan Tai
Haad Rin is a sleepy village with 2 beaches that once a month become the scene of the legendary Full Moon Party
Bottle Beach is one of Thailand's best beaches. Its remote location inspired the novel and movie 'The Beach'.
Sea, sand, sun and lots and lots of parties. Baan Tai is the home to many of the best parties on the island.
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