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3 Monkeys Bar - Hippy beach bar

Dudka Bar - Russian theme

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Trip Advisor Ratings

  • Orion Healing Cafe - #5 out of 15 desserts
  • Green Leaf Cafe - #7 out of 12 cafes
  • Karma Kafe - #37 out of 293 restaurants
  • Mama Pooh's Kitchen - #48 out of 293 restaurants
  • Taboon Café and Restaurant - #51 out of 293 restaurants
  • Green Gallery - #122 out of 293 restaurants
  • Srithanu Kirchen - #155 out of 293 restaurants
  • Dudka Bar - #211 out of 293 restaurants
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Fellini - #222 out of 293 restaurants

    Green Gallery

    Green Gallery

    Taboon Café and Restaurant

    Taboon Café and Restaurant


    Ladda Restaurant

    Chai Country

    Chai Country

    Srithanu Kitchen

    Srithanu Kitchen

    Mama Pooh's

    Mama Pooh's Kitchen

Srithanu Bars and Restaurants




Srithanu (also spelt 'Seethanu') has a good range of eating and drinking options. It is hard to keep on top of what is on offer as there is strong competition for customers. And competition means winners and losers.


In keeping with the new age vibe of Srithanu there are a number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. These specialise in super foods and food cooked from scratch. It is not specious to claim the healthiest food on the island is found in Srithanu.


For those less worried about eating healthy, microbiotic and karma-free there are small places selling Thai food as well as Western food such as burgers and fries.


For those looking for drinks and music there are a few restaurants and bars along the beach that make fine spots to linger over the sunset, cocktail in hand. Try 3 Monkeys Bar on the beach for a dose of old skool Koh Phangan. Those looking for something different again might be interested in Dudka Bar on the road to Haad Chao Phao.




Green Leaf Cafe


Green Leaf Cafe has a vegan buffet every evening. The buffet costs just 120 Thai Baht a person. They also sell freshly squeezed juices and homemade chocolate brownies.


Those looking for such ingredients as spirulina and bee pollen should head to Green Leaf Cafe for one of their super green smoothie combinations.


Orion Healing Cafe


Orion Healing Cafe is at the southern end of Ao Srithanu. It has a beachfront restaurant that specialises in health food. The menu includes raw vegan cake. The restaurant is part of a holistic approach to mental and physical health.


Karma Kafe


Karma Kafe has a menu that not surprisingly is vegan. The only 'sin' is the ocassional egg in a dish. Karma Kafe serves up Bali style vegan dishes as well as raw pies and 'raw chocolate'. They are open from mid-day to 10pm.


Green Gallery


Green Gallery is a vegan restaurant with 2 relaxation areas where customers enjoy music, a library and art. They promise not only a delicious meal but also an 'entire six senses experience'.


Mama Pooh's Kitchen


'Cheap but Nice' is the claim of Mama Pooh's Kitchen and after your first few mouthfuls of her Thai food you are apt to agree. Mama Pooh's is a Srithanu institution: a ramshackle bamboo thatched restaurant serving up big portions of great seafood and Thai food. And the price is good too! Chances are you will visit this place more than once if you spend any amount of time in Srithanu.


Taboon Café and Restaurant


Taboon Café and Restaurant serves tasty Mediterranean, Turkish and Israeli food. They also have vegetarian food. People rave about the shakshuka.


Ristorante Pizzeria Fellini


Selection of freshly cooked pizzas from a stone oven. Also Ristorante Pizzeria Fellini has homemade pasta, steak and seafood specials. Definitely not raw food here; rather a bit of comfort food Italian style!


Diamond Seethanu Buffet


Authentic Thai food buffet. They have some Thai dishes that you see less often on menus in Koh Phangan. If you like Thai food you will like this friendly restaurant.




Ladda Restaurant is attached to a small bungalow outfit. It is located just after the junction where the main road goes inland and south towards Hin Kong. They serve a collection of authentic Thai dishes at reasonable prices.


Chai Country


Chai Country is on Laem Srithanu Peninsula at the top of a cliff overlooking the sea. It is a small, friendly resort and restaurant. Chai Country has Thai food, healthy options and Western standards. This is a nice spot to check out the sea views and the sunset.


Srithanu Kitchen


Thatched restaurant in Srithanu Village. Srithanu Kitchen serves excellent Thai dishes at reasonable prices.




3 Monkeys Bar


This is a small homemade wooden shack on the beach that has become something of a Srithanu institution. They serve cold beers and cocktails. They sometimes have a BBQ with meat!


Dudka Bar


Dudka Bar is a Russian bar with Russian chef, cocktails and hookah pipe. Dudka is located on the road between Srithanu and Haad Chao Phao. At the moment Dudka Bar is open for business.



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