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About Srithanu Beach, Village and Peninsula

Srithanu consists of a long coastline often called Ao Srithanu ('Ao' means 'beach' in Thai); a peninsula called Laem Srithanu that has a couple of beaches and resorts; and a village inland called Baan Srithanu.

Other notable features of Srithanu include a fishing port, a temple (Wat Srithanu) and Koh Phangan's largest fresh water lake (Laemson Lake).

There are businesses strtetched along this area. To the south of Srithanu is Hin Kong and to the north is Haad Chao Phao

Srithanu Beaches

Srithanu has a number of beaches to explore. To the south is Laem Srithanu. It is a large outcrop with a few hidden beaches. The best is perhaps the beach located next to Lofya Natural Resort. Here the sand is soft and white and the sea is good for swimming. The peninsula is close to the coral reef (about 50 meters away) that covers much of the west coast of Koh Phangan. The close proximity of the coral reef to the beaches on Laem Srithanu make for good all-year round swimming.

In the bay of Srithanu there are beaches to both sides of the fishing port. There is a river that flows out to the sea. This divides the bay into two. There is a basic wooden foot bridge that crosses the river. Most of the resorts such as Laemson 1 Bungalow, Nice Sea Resort and Seaview Rainbow Bungalow are located here. This is the main beach of Srithanu. There are plenty of eating and drinking options on this part of the beach.

The beach in Srithanu Bay is wide and peaceful. There is plenty of room for the resorts and for those who like uncrowded beaches. The coral reef is further out at this point. This means that the sea doesn't get deep. The best time for swimming is during the higher tidal months from November to April. There are however, deeper channels at the northern end of the beach and around Laem Niad Peninsula where you can swim all year round.

The area to the north of Ao Srithanu is called Laem Niad. The government planted lots of pine trees in this region to stop soil erosion. In 1998 there was a big storm and several of these trees remain uprooted and lying on the beach. It is a quiet area and great for exploring.

Laemson Lake

A short distance inland from Laem Naid is Laemson Lake. It is the largest freshwater lake on the island. Here you will find rope swings and shady pine trees. It has also become the home of Wipeout - an aquatic obstacle course. There is also a basic food and drink stall here. For more about Laemson Lake. Click here for more about Wipeout.

Baan Srithanu

Baan Srithanu is the main market area for the West coast of Koh Phangan. Here there are food markets. It is also the main port for squid fishing on the west coast. The bay is not very deep and so only squid trawlers and longtail boats can use the port.

The village of Srithanu is spread over a few locales. There are a few businesses near the port. There is the main street with plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars. Off the main road there are a couple of side roads. Here you will find Srithanu Temple and a middle school.

Bars and Restaurants

There is a great selection of bars and restaurants in Srithanu. Please check out our bars and restaurants page for Srithanu. It should be remembered that any map or business listing of Srithanu quickly becomes out-dated. Places open and close with surprising regularity. Here you will find Thai noodle shops and market stalls selling fresh produce.

There are also a number of cafes, restaurants and bars aimed at the tourist and ex-pat communities. These often have a New Age / vegetarian / health food remit. Places that come under this category are Green Gallery, Green Leaf Cafe and Orion Cafe.

There are of course restaurants that sell meat, burgers and what might be termed 'normal' food for those prepared to risk the karmic repercussions of eating meat.

For a list of places to eat and drink visit our Srithanu Restaurant and Bar Guide or click on the read more link below

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Chilled Atmosphere

The main reason people are drawn to Srithanu and the surrounding area is the atmosphere. It is not dominated by loud music or party-goers using chemicals to stay up for 24 hours at a time. It is a more gentle crowd looking for yoga, tai-chi, Pilates, regeneration, detox programmes, organic food and a friendly chilled atmosphere.

Things to Do in Srithanu

Ao Srithanu has a few good spots for swimming. It also has a plenty of coral reef to explore. It is easy to buy a snorkel kit or hire a set and to swim out and admire the corals and the colourful fish. You can snorkel off Laem Srithanu where the coral reef is just 50 meters away.

For those keen on experiencing more of the hidden world under the sea there are a number of scuba and snorkel outlets. Most offer PADI courses, teacher training courses and fun dives at competitive prices. You can find a link to their website in the left column of this page.

People wanting a different water experience should head up to Laemson Lake. You can either have fun on rope swings or you can pay to do 'Wipeout'. It is an aquatic course that you compete to do as quickly as possible. See video on right. They also have an inflatable that one person jumps onto sending another flying through the air and into the lake. All very juvenile and good fun.

Those of a spiritual bent should head to the beach and Orion Healing. They have yoga sessions and workshops on various other healing techniques. See link on left. There is also the very organised Agama Yoga. They have courses that take you from beginner to yoga instructor and beyond.

People with back problems caused by the wrong curvature of the spine might want to consult with Simba, who hails from Japan, and who has his own small medical centre in Srithanu. See the link on the left. IT LOOKS LIKE SIMBA HAS LEFT.

Those looking for Thai Buddhist culture need go no farther than Wat Srithanu. It is free to enter. Please dress modestly and take your shoes off when entering the temple. It is fine to take photographs.



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