Wipeout / The Challenge


  • Aquatic obstacle course
  • The Blob - flying through the air
  • 500 Thai Baht for all day


  • Restaurant
  • Toilets / changing area
  • Parking





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Comments about Wipeout

For 500 baht this is an awesome way to spend a day on Koh Phangan. Came here on my birthday with a group of 8 or so from the hostel and had so much fun. The course is tricky but hilarious and a few of us made it on the board. If not, there's always the blob. Eva W - Tripadvisor

Even though its aimed at party people, my 12 year old is obsessed with the place. We stayed on Koh Phangan a few times and he spends every day on the lake. The staff are fun, friendly,very helpful and are keen to make sure you have a good time.Ian C, Thailand - Tripadvisor

Came here with my 3 friends whilst travelling through Thailand and on an island with not much to do - this place was a great day out! The wipeout course is so much fun and both my friends got on the leadership board. Also the fruit shakes are amazing! Would 100% recommend.Sarah W - Tripadvisor

Ratings of Orion Healing Centre

  • Trip Advisor - #13 out of 36 water sports


Contact Details

The Challenge, 84/32 Moo 8, Koh Phangan Surat Thani, 84280, Thailand.
Opening times: 10 am to 6pm
Tel: (+66) 89 730 0081

The Challenge Facebook Page

    The Blob

    The Challenge


About The Challenge


Wipeout is the name of the leading waterpark in Koh Phangan - in fact, the only water park in Koh Phangan. But this one is with a difference. It is a challenge.


It costs 500 Thai Baht to enter. For this you get all day access to the park and a chance to officially try the aquatic course.


The course is located at Laemson Lake. It the largest fresh water lake on the island. The lake is near the coast between Srithanu and Haad Chao Phao.


The course consists of a series of inflatables that contestants have to negotiate. It is a race against the clock. Groups of friends come for a few hours and spend plenty of time laughing at the attempts of their friends to climb pyramids, scale balls and run across floats. It is not easy but it is good fun.


At the end of the challenge names are entered on the leaders board for prosterity. Something like the driving challenge on Top Gear. Only this isn't a petro-buzz; rather, its environmentally friendly racing.


The Blob


The blob is the name given to the small innocuous inflatable located by the side of the lake. One person readies themselves on one end of the blob and their mate jumps off an overhanging ramp onto the other end of the blob.


The propulsion created by the sudden displacement of air caused by the falling body forces the other person to literally fly through the air. It is exhilerating to say the least. People fly through the air, some gracefully, most manically, and come down with a splash in a deep part of the lake.


Facilities at Wipeout


There is a viewing platform and covered restaurant at the site where you can get a range of cheap snacks and cold drinks. There are also toilets and places to get changed. You have everything at the lake needed to spend a few hours happily enjoying the aquatic course, the blob and the spectacle from the bar.




Wipeout ranks highly on Tripadvisor for things to do in Koh Phangan. They have a website which they don't update as 2 people discovered who turned up when the course was closed for maintenance. To check if it is open see their Facebook page.




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