Agama Yoga

Agama Yoga


  • Yoga Hall
  • Registration Office
  • Lecture rooms
  • Retreats
  • Shop & cafe


  • Level 1 to 24
  • Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga
  • Tantric instruction
  • Teacher training
  • Sanskrit texts
  • Spiritual retreats
  • Regular events, guest speakers and workshops
  • Drop in yoga classes
  • Free introductory lesson



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Comments about Agama Yoga

Value for money and the school has some quite hard-to-find knowledge (who knows, maybe they make it up!) on various subjects on and around yoga.reboard2, UK - Tripadvisor

I loved it and already looking to go back next year for the next 2 levels. The teaching was spot on, the lectures were engrossing and the island beautiful, although you really need a motorbike to get around. Downside was not enough helpers in the yoga hall.sinbad64, UK - Tripadvisor

The practises, interactions and conversation has changed my life forever. I have found a deeper understanding of the sexual wonderful creation that I am, what we all are. Thank you!!irmaw744, Sweden - Tripadvisor

Ratings of Agama Yoga

  • Agoda - n/a
  • Trip Advisor - #1 of 39 Spas & Wellness


Contact Details

Agama Yoga, 42/4, Moo 8, Srithanu, Koh Phangan 84280, Surat Thani, Thailand.
Tel: +66 (0)89 233 0217

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Agama Yoga

Agama Yoga


Agama Yoga is the most Hindu of the yoga schools in Koh Phangan. Their stated aim is the union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. To achieve this they teach yoga, propound Hindu philosophy and reverence both Buddha and such Indian gods as Shiva, Ganesh and Parvati.


Agama Yoga is set out as a university. There is a main building, campus and other sites located in the Srithanu area. The courses are set out in a curriculum going from level 1 (complete beginner) to level 24 (yoga trainer). The curriculum covers asana, breathing techniques (pranayama), healing yoga, erotic tantra, astral projection, aura reading, kundalini yoga, Kashmiri Shaivism and Hindu philosophy. It is possible to take 1 level per month. Thus to achieve the highest acceditation you need to study and practice for at least 2 years.


The idea is that you do what you can and resume your studies when you return. You can check on the Agama website for which courses are being taught each month. You can pay online using Paypal (and thus a credit card) or you can pay at the campus registration building. At the time of writing the intensive yoga level 1 cost $297.




Agama Yoga despite its campus and other facilities doesn't provide halls of residence. They have affiliate lodging at Phangan Cove, Sunset Hill and Ananda Wellness Resort. They claim there is a discount for students. To claim this discount you would have to contact the resorts directly to negotiate a discount. Alternatively, there is plenty of great acommodartion options nearby in Srithanu both in the village and on the beach. You can find links to Srithanu accommodation on the right.




Agama Yoga has a registration office, a large and airy meditation hall, lecture rooms and facilities for special retreats. There is also a world wide family of Agama Yoga Centres in such far flung places as Estonia and India.


There is also a shop selling yoga equipment, Ganesh fragrance incense sticks etc. and a cafe selling raw food, detox juices and suitably karma-free meals. It is a well run and organised institution with a continuous stream of people and teachers progressing through the ranks and contributing to the community. Those wanting a package only need to book accommodation separately.


The various buildings have toilets, rest areas and off-road parking. The staff are friendly, multi-lingual and full of useful advice and helpful recommendations.




Agama Yoga has been running for several years. Over that time they have built up a solid reputation and currently stand as the number 5 entry in Tripadvisor's spas and wellness category for Koh Phangan. They were number 1 last year.


However, it should be immediately noted that Agama takes itself seriously, and that they have a teaching hierarchy with a leading guru (founder, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati) . This structure combined with erotic tantric tuition unfortunately opens the centre up for allegations of sexual promiscuity and cultish practice. Obviously we are not qualified to say whether the teachings are 'true' or to cast aspersions on people's characters. If you have a dislike for authority and 'group think' and just fancy doing a bit of yoga it is best to start with a drop-in Hatha Yoga session or go elsewhere as this might not be your cup of organic green tea.




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