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Vintage Burgers Tolzer Hutte







Bakery / Cafe


Nira's Home Bakery The Fat Cat Coffee




Phantip Market The Canteen




Flag & 4 Toes - cheap drinks, free pool

Harp Bar / Hub Island Sports Cafe - sports, free pool

SOHO Bar and Grill - pub grub, sports

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Trip Advisor Ratings

  • The Fat Cat Coffee - #1 out of 12 cafes
  • Nira's Home Bakery - #1 out of 5 bakeries
  • The Canteen - #1 out of 15 dessert places
  • Vintage Burger - #5 out of 293 restaurants
  • Beachlounge - #14 out of 293 restaurants
  • SOHO Bar - #26 out of 293 restaurants
  • Hub Island Sports Cafe - #57 out of 293 restaurants
  • The Flag and Four Toes - #233 out of 293 restaurants

    For You Bar

    For You Bar

    Flag ad 4 Toes

    Flag and 4 Toes Bar

    The Canteen

    The Canteen



    Vintage Burgers

    Vintage Burgers

Thongsala Bars and Restaurants




Thongsala doesn't have the epic party feel of Haad Rin or the stunning beaches of Thong Nai Pan, Haad Yao or elsewhere on the island but it does have some of the finest eating and drinking establishments on the island. And moreover, being the principal town of Koh Phangan and and the place where many of the ingredients come from, it has the cheapest prices.


For those looking for budget eats there is the Phantip Market that while more fun at night is open all day. It has 40 Baht plates of Thai food available. There are also a couple of cheap hole in the wall restaurants on Walking Street with similar priced food. Those for cheap snacks can avail themselves of the 7-11s around Thongsala. They have crisps, make-yourself hot dogs, pot noodles and loose approximations to sandwiches. If you have self-catering facilities (see accommodation in Thongsala) there are some great supermarkets in Thongsala to shop at.


Those with a passion for eating out will enjoy the variety of restaurant food available. There is beach seafood BBQ at Beachlounge, Portuguese style cafe food at Big Fat Cat, there is the OTT burger at Vintage Burgers and well prepared Thai and vegetarian food at The Canteen.


For drinking there are a few good town bars in Thongsala. They have a relaxed atmosphere, a good drinks menu, often free pool and best of all cheap prices. Harp Bar / Hub Island Sports Cafe and For You Bar sometimes have live music. Those wanting their fun louder and with more beats usually quickly find what they want by venturing down the Baan Tai Road out of Thongsala. Here you will discover lots of party bars and Amnesia Night Club as well some big outdoor events such as Jungle Experience and the Half Moon Party.




Vintage Burgers


Yet another burger restaurant in Koh Phangan! Yet this one is really good. The burgers are fat and there are plenty of other options including healthy options. This is a small hole in the wall restaurant with a great Tripadvisor rating.


Phantip Market


This popular market is open all day but gets busy at night and is often referred to as a night market. In the open market area you will find plenty of 40 Baht plates of rice and curry as well as noodle places and Thai sweets. At night this place has a good atmosphere as plenty of people come to hang out.


The Canteen


The Canteen has established a solid reputation for friendly service and great food. They do a range of Thai dishes and make sure it is just the right level of spicy for the customer. They also have vegetarian breakfasts and other healthy options. For coffee connoisseurs there is Vietnamese coffee to try.




Beachlounge featured in Tripadvisor's top ten restaurants for Koh Phangan in 2017. In 2017 it is at #14. Located on the beach, just south of the pier area this gem of a place serves BBQ seafood as well as excellent Thai food. Beachlounge in Thongsala is also famous for its cocktails. This restaurant comes recommended, but of course it is not for backpackers looking for a 40 Baht plate of rice and curry.


Nira's Home Bakery


Nira's is a bona fida Koh Phangan institution. In the early 2000s they opened their first shop in Baan Tai selling proper bread, not the nasty sugary processed stuff commonly used by backpackpacker places around the island. The shop in Thongsala was also a huge success, and is still running strong. You can buy loafs, bagels, falafels to take away or you can eat in the cafe area at the front of the bar. If you opt to eat in there are a range of fillings as well as sweet breads, croissants etc. This is a great breakfast spot with free wifi.


The Fat Cat Coffee


This is a cafe inspired by yes a big fat ginger cat. The cafe is run by a lovely Portuguese couple. They do bakery items as well as proper breakfasts and lunch items such as burgers. Naturally, they have great coffee. There is also gluten free options and vegetarian options. Highly rated place.


Tolzer Hutte


This is a small restaurant on a side road not far from Thongsala Beach. It serves up Bavarian food and of course Bavarian beer. So if you really need some wurst and Dunkel this is the place to come.




Flag and Four Toes


This is a popular bar on the main drag. The owner is a friendly ex-pat who serves ice cold beers at reasonable prices. There is a free pool table. Open 11am to 11pm. 'Home cooking' available. They show sports on the TV and organise sweepstakes, pool nights etc. This bar often has a strong ex-pat presence.


Harp Bar / Hub Island Sports Cafe


Harp Bar is on the road running parallel to the port facilities, just down the road from Nira's Cafe. It has been going for years, but recently they have been struck by an island malady and sought to have a bar with 2 names. It's other moniker is Hub Island Sports Cafe. It's a bad name which is a shame because this is a cool bar.


The staff are friendly and helpful. They sell a range of imported draught beers including the mighty guinness (hence the Harp Bar). They have pub grub as well as some tasty Thai food. There is free pool and of course since it is a sports hub they show the footy, Grand Prix etc. on the TV. This pub is the first you reach when you get off ther Lomprayah ferry.


SOHO Var and Grill


SOHO Bar and Grill is located opposite the entrance to Phantip Market. It has a British owner and lots of raves reviews for its burgers and other excellent dishes. They have live sports, cider and various foreign beers on tap, and have been doing well since opening in 2015.



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