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Nai Wok Accommodation

About Nai Wok Accommodation

There are two main advantages of staying in Nai Wok. Firstly it is within walking distance of Thongsala with its great selection of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Secondly, the beach, although narrow, is picturesque and a nice spot to relax. Better beaches are found further north but these are further away from Thongsala.

The price range for Nai Wok Accommodation is 250 Thai Baht for a dorm bed at Saa Ree Seaview Resort to 9,000 Thai Baht for The Villa Hacienda. Most of the accommodation at Nai Wok is found along the beach; the exceptions are The Villa Hacienda and Saa Ree Seaview Resort. Below is a brief description of each of the resorts in Nai Wok along with links for reading more and for booking. The list goes from cheapest to most expensive accommodation options.

Saa Ree Seaview Resort

Saa Ree Seaview Resort has cheap fan bungalows and also a small dorm. The resort has a restaurant. Read more.

book Saa Ree Seaview Resort

Tranquil Bungalows

Tranquil Bungalows is located at the northern end of Nai Wok Beach. It has a collection of basic fan bungalows with en-suite cold water bathroom. There is also a restaurant. The resort has free wifi. If you just want a cheap bungalow on the beach this place could be for you. Read More.

book Tranquil Bungalows

Colorful Hut

Colorful Hut has a collection of brightly painted bungalows near the beach. There are both air-con and fan bungalows available. This is a popular backpacker place. The huts aren't luxurious but do the job. The resort also has a restaurant and separate beachfront bar that sells cheap beer. Read More.

book Colorful Hut

Beck's Resort

Beck's Resort is a good option for those looking for value but don't fancy slumming it too much. Beck's Resort has both air-con and fan bungalows set in a well maintained garden next to the beach. All bungaows are well maintained and kept clean. They all feature hot water bathrooms. Beck's Resort also has a good restaurant and bar. There is also plenty of deck chairs and decking on the beach for guest use. Read More.

book Beck's Resort

Grand Sea Beach Resort

Grand Sea Beach Resort is the most impressive hotel on Nai Wak Beach. It is a large resort that stretches from the beach back to a hill overlooking the beach. It has bungalows on the beach as well as hotel rooms with ocean views. The resort features 2 pools, restaurant, bar, Thai massage, herbal sauna and impressive Thai architecture. Read More.

book Grand Sea Beach Resort

Baan Manali Resort

Baan Manali Resort is located at the southern end of Nai Wok Beach. It has 15 quality air-con bungalows with hot water bathroom near the beach. The resort also has a restaurant, bar and communal swimming pool. Attached to Baan Manali Resort is SL12Kadventure that offers wind surfing and SUP (stand up paddle boarding). Read More.

book Baan Manali Resort

The Villa Hacienda

The Villa Hacienda is a luxury private villa for rent. It is the only 4 star option in Nai Wok. The villa is a short walk from the beach and features 4 bedrooms, a swimming pool, fully equipped kitchen, home theatre and steam room. It is possible to rent the villa by the number of the bedrooms you need. There is also the option of car rental for guests. Read More.

book The Villa Hacienda



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