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Grand Sea Beach Resort


  • Rooms, bungalows and guesthouses
  • Stunning lanna architecture
  • Restaurant & 2 pools
  • Air-con, hot water, TV
  • Herbal sauna & Thai massage


  • Standard Room - from 1,000 THB
  • Grand Hill Room - from 1,700 THB
  • Grand Hill VIP Suites - from 7,200 THB
  • Superior Room Garden View - from 2,000 THB
  • Seaview Bungalow - from 2,000 THB
  • Deluxe Beachfront Bungalow - from 3,000 THB
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Comments about Grand Sea Beach Resort

Stayed for 5 nights over the full moon party in the main grand building room was huge shower was huge only shame was the bed was rock solid it was the worst bed we have slept on since travelling in thailand for 3 months. room was cleaned daily and new toiletries always given..Charlottew2221, UK - Tripadvisor

Beach is okay but very shallow. Our friend enjoyed renting a canoe to float around in. The showers in the bathrooms barely get warm, not even remotely hot. Daniel M - Tripadvisor

We absolutely recommend this resort if you are looking for a beautiful and well located resort to relax. We will definitly be back! :)Stefan B, Germany - Agoda

A very nice thai style resort close enaugh to Tong Sala and remote enaugh to enjoy a very relaxed stay. Super friendly staff. I am glad that still exists on the island, as it is like earlier days in Thailand. And I am coming to Thailand for 30 years now. Big thx and I am definately coming back here.Uwe G, Germany - Agoda

Ratings of Grand Sea Beach Resort

  • Booking - 3 stars
  • Trip Advisor - #63 out of 100 hotels
Grand Sea Beach Resort

About Grand Sea Beach Resort


Grand Sea Beach Resort is one of the biggest resorts on Koh Phangan. It stretches from the beach at Nai Wok up the hill behind the beach. The resort has 62 rooms and offers a great range of facilities that include pool, restaurant, business centre and steam room.


The resort is done in the lanna architectural style characterised by steep roofs and the use of teak wood. It is a style that originated in Northern Thailand. It is a very impressive resort that is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Thailand.




There are 62 rooms on offer at Grand Sea Beach Resort. On the beach front is the communal pool and restaurant. Here you will find bungalows. Further back there are guesthouses to rent and at the summit of the hill there is an accommodation block with luxury rooms and 1 grand hill VIP suite that features a private Jacuzzi and living room.


All rooms have free wifi. Here is a summary of the room types available at Grand Sea View Resort:


  • Standard room - double bed, air-con, TV, mini-bar and hot shower
  • Grand Hill VIP suites- double bed, living room, air-con, seaview courtyard, TV, mini bar, rain shower and large fridge
  • Deluxe beachfront bungalow - stunning teakwood bungalow with double bed, air-con, TV, mini bar and hot shower
  • Grand Hill Room - Room in building next to the top pool. Room has 1 double bed or 2 single beds. Air-con, cable TV, hot shower and mini bar.
  • Seaview Bungalow - located around communal pool. These popular bungalows can sleep up to 3 people. They have air-con, hot water shower, TV and minibar.
  • Superior Room Garden View - Twin or double bed. Least 'lanna' of all the room types; short walk from top pool. These rooms have air-con, TV, mini bar and hot shower.


Resort facilities


Grand Sea Beach Resort has all the facilities and amenities you would expect of such a big resort. There is a beachfront pool and a pool further up the hill. The resort restaurant serves a wide selection of food and drink from early in the morning till midnight. The resort also has a herbal steam room and a place to get a Thai massage.


There is a business centre as well as family room. Babysitting services are available on request. Those lounging around the pool have a poolside bar to enjoy. Those wanting to get into Thongsala can use the resort shuttle service.


For the adventurous there are kayaks on the beach infront of the resort. It is possibe to paddle out to the small deserted island of Koh Tae Nai which is currently up for sale for just $17 million!




The reviews are a mixed bag for this resort. There are 2 things to consider - it is a large resort and it is fairly old. The large size means the wifi is slow and the water pressure in the showers is often not strong and the water not hot. Moreover the size means the staff struggle to go the extra mile for each guest. The age of the resort means that some rooms feel a 'bit tired'. This being said, Grand Sea Beach Resort improved its ranking on Trip Advisor in 2017.



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