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About Bars and Restaurants

As you can see from the Trip Advisor listings below the West of Koh Phangan contains some of the finest places to eat and drink on the island. It is a major attraction for the region. Many people value dining as part of the holiday experience and want to be able to access a variety of cuisines. Moreover, they often want a selection of night entertainment.

At the moment the West of Koh Phangan has 3 of the top 5 restaurants in Koh Phangan, including number 1, Romanzo Tropicale in Hin Kong. In 2016 number 1 was Alcove Bistrot in Hin Kong.

Vegan / Vegetarian / Organic / Wholefood / Raw Food

Srithanu over the last few years has become a centre for specialised diets, especially for people who want to eat healthy. A holistic approach is espoused by several cafes and restaurants as well as by the yoga and detox centres in the area. They believe that eating should be part of a wider effort to improve, to transform and to improve spiritually.


Trying to maintain a list of all the bars and restaurants in an area is a venture fraught with difficulty. Places open and close regularly. Just as regularly they change ownership and undergo a change of name, direction and often quality.

Another issue is with the nature of ratings. Owners groom potential reviewers with freebies; opinions about food, drink and ambience are subjectivite and sometimes just too glowing or too spiteful to be believed.

Better far, is the old fashion system of finding places to eat and drink of your own accord or by following the advice of a fellow friendly traveller. Koh Phangan is a fun place and ridiculously laid back. You are bound to have memorable meals and awesome nights out by just opening up to the possibilities of the island.

Bars and Restaurants in Trip Advisor Top 100


Romanzo Tropicale (Hin Kong) #1 out of 293
Alcove (Hin Kong) #3 out of 293
Vintage Burgers (Thongsala) #4 out of 293
Petty's Place (Wok Tum) #7 out of 293
Sweet Shell (Thongsala) #10 out of 293
Beachlounge (Thongsala) #15 out of 293
La Dolce Vita (Haad Chao Phao) #20 out of 293
SOHO Bar and Grill (Thongsala) #24 out of 293
Amstardam Bar (Plaay Laem) #31 out of 293
Belgian Beer Bar (Haad Chao Phao) #32 out of 293
Il Barracuda (Haad Chao Phao) #34 out of 293
3 Color (Thongsala) #39 out of 293
Tolzer Hutte (Thongsala) #43 out of 293
Karma Kafe (Srithanu) #44 out of 293
Phantip Night Market (Thongsala) #47 out of 293
Mama Pooh's Kitchen (Haad Chao Phao) #49 out of 293
Taboon (Haad Chao Phao) #50 out of 293
Hub Island Sports Cafe (Thongsala) #56 out of 293
Top Rock Bar (Plaay Laem) #58 out of 293
The Masons Arms (Nai Wok) #59 out of 293
Ando Loco (Thongsala) #62 out of 293
Ando's Corner (Thongsala) #65 out of 293
Art Cafe (Haad Chao Phao) #71 out of 293
A's Famous Diner and Deli (Thongsala) #76 out of 293
Lake Hut (Srithanu) #79 out of 293
Good Time Restaurant (Srithanu) #81 out of 293
Mr. Pizza (Thongsala) #82 out of 269
Pizza Chiara (Thongsala) #83 out of 293
Mateo Pizza (Haad Chao Phao) #84 out of 293
Bamboo Bistrot (Thongsala) #92 out of 293
For You Guesthouse (Thongsala) #105 out of 293
Kefir Phangan (Thongsala) #107 out of 293
Santorini Restaurant (Thongsala) #110 out of 293
Cafe Wan (Hin Kong) #121 out f 293
La Plage (Plaay Laem) #132 out of 293
Doppio Cafe (Thongsala) #134 out of 293
Loyfa Restaurant (Srithanu) #259 out of 293

Desserts in Koh Phangan

The Canteen (Thongsala) #1 out of 15
Satimi (Thongsala) #4 out of 15
Orion Cafe (Srithanu) #5 out of 15
Soul Food Cafe (Thongsala) #7 out of 15
TidbiT (Thongsala) #10 out of 15
Green Leaf Cafe (Srithanu) #11 out of 15
Cookies Cafe (Srithanu) #13 out of 15

Coffee and Tea

The Fat Cat Coffee (Thongsala) #1 out of 12
Dots Shop and Coffee (Thongsala) #4 out of 12
Phangan Homemade Icecream (Thongsala) #5 out of 12
TidbiT (Thongsala) #7 out of 12
Green Leaf Cafe (Srithanu) #8 out of 12
Laitai Coffee (Thongsala) #10 out of 12



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