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About Srithanu Accommodation

Srithanu is growing in popularity as a holiday destination in Koh Phangan primarily due to to its reputation for excellent yoga instruction and leading selection of vegan and vegetarian restaurant options. It is considered by many as a special location fostering new age consciousness.

Srithanu accommodation is spread over a wide area. Resorts are located along the bay at Srithanu, above the bay near Laemson Lake and to the south at Laem Srithanu. You can find the location of the various places to stay in Srithanu on the map to the left. You can also use the links to the right to find out more about the different resorts in Srithanu.

Prices for rooms in Srithanu range from 300 Thai Baht and rise to over 3,000 Thai Baht for a honeymoon pool villa at Loyfa Natural Resort.

Laemson 1 Bungalow

Laemson 1 Bungalow is a small and friendly family-run bungalow outfit located on a quiet stretch of beach in north Srithanu. They have fan bungalows as well as air-con bungalows. There is also a restaurant and bar. Read more.

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Nice Sea Resort

Nice Sea Resort is a small family-run resort on Srithanu Beach. It has mostly fan bungalows but also a few air-con bungalows as well. All bungalows have hot water. Nice Sea Resort has a restaurant on the beach. The family deluxe bugalow has 2 beds (1 double and 1 single). Read More.

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Seaview Rainbow Bungalow

Seaview Rainbow Bungalow is located at the northern end of Srithanu Beach near Laemson Lake. It is a small bungalow resort with no-frills fan bungalows with en-suite cold water bathroom. Seaview Rainbow Bungalow has a restaurant and offers free wifi. Read More.

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Phangan Cove Resort

Phangan Cove Resort is at the southern end of the beach. It has a collection of fan and air-con bungalows that have great interior design. They have a couple of 2-story buildings. One has a 'kitchen'. The resort opened in 2013 and so is in a good state of repair. Phangan Cove Resort also has a popular beach front restaurant. Read More.

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Loyfa Natural Resort

Loyfa Natural Resort is one of the best places to stay in Srithanu. It has its own beach on Laem Srithanu peninsula. Accommodation ranges from hotel style rooms to private pool villa. The resort boasts a restaurant, 2 communal swimming pools and free wifi. Read More.

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Shanti Boutique Hotel

Shanti Boutique Hotel is a small guesthouse with 8 comfortable air-con rooms with en-suite hot water bathroom. This guesthouse is often used by those doing a yoga course. You can order breakfast in advance. Free wifi in all rooms. Motorbike hire and laundry service also available. Read More.

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Phangan Akuna

Phangan Akuna is a new resort in Srithanu located near the main road to Thongsala. It has 18 large and luxurious cottages set in a pleasant landscaped area. There is a restaurant and communal pool. They offer taxi services to make up for the distance to the beach. Read More.

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